Reading PA to Protect Ash Trees with TREE-äge


Emerald Ash Borer was confirmed in Pennsylvania in June 2007 and later identified in Berks County in April 2014. Now, thirty-one of the state’s 67 counties have confirmed infestations. After research and preparation, Reading is implementing a ten year plan to treat and save healthy curbside ash trees.

Ongoing Inventories

Last summer the city inventoried its street trees, recording 502 ash trees lining the curbs. The city has yet to inventory the trees in its 33 parks and playgrounds, but experts estimate there to be slightly more ash trees than those curbside. Approximately half of the street ash trees will need to be removed due to age and other problems, but the remainder will be treated by the city with TREE-äge ® Insecticide to save them.

Proactive Stance: Removal and Treatment with TREE-äge

At a recent a town hall meeting in Centre Park, city arborist Lester Kissinger Jr. confirmed that although EAB has yet to reach the city, Reading is taking no chances.

Kissinger said the city will pay for treatment or removal of the ash trees along the curbs, but residents will be responsible for any ash trees elsewhere on their properties. Among available treatments, Kissinger agrees that the one that works best is TREE-äge. Reading city crews will treat the approved trees and he recommends that residents hire professional applicators to administer the treatment as well.

Reading Named Tree City USA

Earlier this week, Mayor Vaughn Spencer announced that Reading was named a 2014 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to effective urban forest management. Mayor Spencer declared, “The City of Reading is proud to be a community that makes the planting and care of trees a priority. Trees bring shade to our homes and beauty to our neighborhoods, along with numerous economic, social and environmental benefits.”

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