Max Yield Wrap-up: Seattle 2015

IGE2015_141021_Banner_Seattle_NEW-IGEcom4Kristin Nikodemski, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager recently shared her impressions from Max Yield’s 2015 Indoor Gardening Expo in Seattle. She revealed that everyone from Arborjet was pleased with the turn out and felt that it was a fantastic mixture of folks. The attendants came there for education and the level of interest was exciting. Instead of meandering aimlessly, nearly everyone she talked to had come directly to the booth to ask about Arborjet products.

Excitement Around NutriRoot

“One of the newer products, NutriRoot caused a lot of excitement centered around the excellent water management opportunities it provides for growers. NutriRoot is especially beneficial to indoor growers dealing with high heat. NutriRoot will help prevent your plants from drying out and assist in maintaining the level of moisture in the soil, so the plants avoid going from dry to soaking with each water.”

The Versatility of AzaSol

“Our most popular product at the show was AzaSol, which was out front and center. AzaSol is more widely known in this industry, because the product is an innovative water soluble NEEM powder. This provides the grower with freedom from worry about clogging equipment or the water temperature regulation concerns which gives more flexibility in use. Additionally, when sprayed on a plant it can actually go into the leaves without having to drench. Now that AzaSol is OMRI listed it gives people the reassurance that any kind of food crops may be sprayed the same day that they harvest.”

Product Samples & iPad Giveaway

“Product samples of AzaSol, Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM and AzaSol t-shirts were given away at the show. Arborjet also issued an iPad giveaway and are happy to share that the WINNER is Indoor Tropics. Indoor Tropics proudly carries AzaSol and the Arborjet Eco products in their expanding stores and increasing locations.

Tune in next week for a special Provider Spotlight with our prize winner Indoor Tropics.