The Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Arborjet Equipment

CleanJetTaking proper care of your Arborjet systems will help ensure them working properly for years to come. CLEAN-jet rinsing formulation removes residue to keep your QUIK-jet and Tree I.V. systems operating smoothly. Here are a few tips to help get the most out of your cleansing.


Before cleaning out your equipment make sure all product is out of QUIK jet or Tree I.V. bottle and lines.

Be Responsible

We always want to treat the environment with respect. CLEAN-jet rinse can be squirted in the soil at the base of the tree, unless specified otherwise on the pesticide product label or near ground water or waterways. Always keep in mind to always dispose of waste according to local and state regulations.

CLEAN-jet should NOT be mixed with other formulations

Rinse all CLEAN-jet out of the bottle, line, and device. Small amounts of leftover CLEAN-jet in lines is OK. CLEAN-jet should not be mixed with other formulations for long periods of time.

NOTE: If CLEAN-jet solution is stored inside the QUIK-jet or Tree I.V. device, be sure to push all CLEAN-jet solutions out of the system before adding formulation to the bottle.

In a Pinch

Did you run out of CLEAN-jet? If necessary, we approve the use of rubbing alcohol as well.

To Clean Tree I.V.

1. Remove bottle top to release pressure, then add 20-30mL CLEAN-jet
2. Apply Tree I.V. Bottle Top and pressurize.
3. OPEN and close each Needle Valve to clean out all lines.

To Clean QUIK jet

1. Remove bottle top and add CLEAN-jet (about 30mL is good)
2. Apply bottle top and repeatedly press trigger.

Do you have any questions about how or when to use CLEAN jet? We are always here to help. Need to stock up? Click here to find a distributor near you.