New England Grows


Today is the final day of New England Grows at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Yesterday, we spoke with Arborjet’s Rob Gorden and Kristin Nikodemski at the about providing existing customers with new outstanding products, while introducing new customers who are looking for ways to enrich their business to our equipment and formulations.

Attention to Tree Care

With destructive pests like EAB on the rise, many people see a need for an increased tree care and changing the way they are thinking about their business. “People are finally realizing that we have good solutions today for serious pests that kill trees that we didn’t have good solutions for previously. Instead of cutting trees down people want to treat them and save them. Not only can we save the trees but do so economically. It makes fiscal sense to keep the trees rather than removing and replacing them. This is a win for everyone.” said Rob Gordon, Director of Urban Forestry and Business Development.

Environmentally Conscious

Mr. Gordon also spoke to Arborjet’s environmentally friendly treatments. “The environmentally sound manner that we use to protect these trees further improves the opinion about treating trees. We are not spraying trees or putting things in the soil anymore. Treatments are sealed in the tree at very low doses and can protect the tree for up to two years.”

Organics, Botanicals & NutriRoot

Kristin Nikodemski, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager expressed the increased interest in Arborjet’s expanding product lines. “We are seeing increased interest in the organic line and the botanical products as well as NutriRoot. People seem particularly interested in the water management aspect which is great for transplanting. It’s also exciting that we have expanded our line to be more of a plant health care company. It’s not only about trees anymore. It is also about the shrubs, the landscaping and everything else that surrounds a home, nursery or garden center.”

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