Arborjet | Ecologel Unveils Innovative New Solution for Green Industry Professionals
November 14, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Arborjet | Ecologel, renowned for its innovative solutions, is set to introduce a granular iteration of the popular NutriRoot 2-2-3 liquid root development formulation at this year’s TCI EXPO November 16-18 in St. Louis.

NutriRoot Granular offers the same great benefits as the liquid NutriRoot 2-2-3, but in granular form. A granular product allows for easy application and reduced labor because it requires no tank mixing or application equipment. It features a unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, biochar, and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress.

“NutriRoot Granular is ideal for new tree plantings, and the easiest way to fertilize new and existing shrubs, vegetables, annuals and perennials, helping increase transplant success, while reducing environmental stresses,” states Russ Davis, Arborjet’s President and CEO.

It’s powered with Arborjet | Ecologel’s flagship brand, Hydretain, which works by allowing turf and plants to use the moisture vapor in the soil that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. It is a carbon-based backfill amendment that may be used for root collar excavation, radial trenching and decompaction.

Attendees of the show will have the opportunity to sign-up to receive free samples of NutriRoot Granular and will be the first to be notified when the product is available for sale. Arborjet | Ecologel will be at booth 517 where there will be a team of experts, including arborists, and a board-certified master arborist who will be available to address any questions or concerns regarding overall plant health care and arboriculture.

For further information: Arborjet |Ecologel TCIA 2023

Media contact: Kelly Rostad

Arborjet | Ecologel Recognized as BioPreferred Champions by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
November 15, 2022

Arborjet | Ecologel, leaders in plant health care, are pleased to announce they have been recognized as BioPreferred Champions by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Ecologel Solutions, LLC was an official Pioneer of the program as one of the first 500 companies to earn the right to display the USDA Certified Biobased Product label on a certified product. As Program Participants, both Arborjet and Ecologel have been instrumental in the success of the USDA BioPreferred® Program, which is celebrating 20 years as the Federal Government’s official advocate and market accelerator for biobased products.

“We are thrilled with this honor which signifies both company’s long-term commitment to using products that are environmentally friendly, and promote sustainability by using renewable resource materials. The USDA biobased label provides added comfort to our customers in knowing that the products they are using to help save the world’s water supply are produced using renewable organic carbon components,” said Rick Irwin, President of Ecologel Solutions, LLC.

Arborjet | Ecologel BioPreferred products tested and certified for their biobased content include:

Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager, certified to contain 93% biobased content, reduces watering requirements by up to 50% while also increasing nutrient uptake.

NutriRoot 2-2-3, with a biobased rating of 86% is a unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress.

According to USDA Rural Development, “the goal of the “BioPreferred Program is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. It was first introduced in the 2002 Farm Bill with the goal of increasing the development, purchase, and use of biobased products. It requires federal agencies, and contractors to give purchasing preference to biobased products.”
This program has participation from businesses in 47 countries and more than 1,500 companies across the U.S. The program reports over a 500% increase in certification of upstream materials from 2015 to 2022. This includes products cataloged as eligible for federal purchasing preference across 139 product categories, and an increase in reporting of biobased purchases by federal contractors nationwide.

Media Contact: Kelly Rostad

About: Arborjet | Ecologel are partners in plant care with a focus on environmentally responsible solutions for tree injection technologies, water conservation, and plant nutrition. Arborjet Inc. focuses on providing the most effective formulations and delivery systems to protect trees, shrubs, and plants from a wide variety of insect, disease, and nutritional concerns. Ecologel Solutions LLC. is a long standing, premier developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation, plant nutrition and pond and lake management. Together, both companies are backed by years of research, and remain committed to advancing the industries they serve through thought leadership, product and technology development, scientific research, and exceptional customer service. Arborjet | Ecologel is a proud supporter of Project Evergreen,”working to create a greener, healthier, and cooler Earth.”