Save labor and save costs.

Our products are designed to work together to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient, while reducing costs and future work.

With Shortstop 2SC You Will Notice Notice Strong & Healthy Roots, Dense Green Leaves, Improved Drought Tolerance, Reduced Pruning.

Shortstop 2SC plant growth regulator redirects plant energy and growth providing an easy to use and cost effective method of protecting trees from drought to construction damage.

Benefits of Improving Tree Health with Shortstop® 2SC

  • Enhanced canopy density and color
  • Improved root development and drought tolerance
  • Increased resistance to insects and diseases while assisting in recovery of declining trees
  • Maintained tree size thus reducing the need for pruning


Improve overall tree health using Shortstop® 2SC & Mn-jet FE™

Chlorosis in trees has several causes. Typically, these chlorotic trees lack chlorophyll, due to a micro-nutrient deficiency which disrupts normal tree physiology. Micronutrients are the elements needed in small quantities, but without which trees can’t grow properly.

We have found that a combination of our soil applied growth regulator, Shortstop 2SC, and our trunk-injected micronutrient formulation, Mn-jet Fe, will work together to improve nutrient availability and several key tree functions.