Treat for Spotted Lanternfly Before It’s Too Late!

The Spotted Lanternfly population has flourished but we have the treatment you need to protect your trees. Arborjet’s tree injection products offer an environmentally sound solution for defending trees against invasive diseases and insects. Hire a professional today!


A single injection treatment of IMA-jet will control adult Spotted Lanternfly within a few days and continue for the rest of the season. Even if adults migrate to attractive trees, feeding is reduced, and sooty mold will decline. IMA-jet is applied directly into the tree and moves through the tree’s vascular system. This method of application protects unnecessary exposure to people, pets, gardens waterways, and other sensitive areas. Get started on treating your trees today!

Spotted Lanternfly nymph in the last instar stage. Later instar nymphs and adults feed on trees such as Tree of Heaven, Walnut, Maple, and Birch.