Unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress.

Nitrogen: 2.0%
Phosphate: 2.0%
Soluble Potash: 3.0%
Iron: 0.75%
Manganese: 0.50%
Zinc: 0.25%
Other Ingredients: 91.5%
Total: 100.0%

NutriRoot 8 fl. oz. – (030-4100)
NutriRoot 32 fl. oz. – (030-4101)
NutriRoot 1 gallon – (030-4103)
*32 fl. oz. makes up 25 gallons

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Arbor Age New Product Award Winner




  • Product Details

      Unlike products currently available on the market that are purely nutrient based or standalone water management products, NutriRoot combines these and more into one easy and effective treatment. The patented blend of humectants enables soil to extract water from the air into the root zone, reducing the need for watering and resulting in successful plantings even in stressed conditions.

      • Supplies organic matter and aids in the proliferation of soil microorganisms
      • Reduces water run-off from repellant, dry soils
      • Can be used throughout the entire growing season


      Effective Treatment For:

      Root Development, Transplant Success, Water Stress Management, Nutrient Deficiencies, Sandy Soils, Dry Soil Conditions, Summer Stress, Winter Stress

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