ArborPlex® (14-4-5) 50% SRN

Liquid Nutrient Solution

For Tree & Shrub Nutrition with Slow Release Nitrogen for Extended Feeding

ArborPlex is formulated with slow release nitrogen from urea-triazone, high quality phosphorus and potassium as well as micronutrients. It is designed to provide consistent, extended feeding for trees and shrubs. It is an ideal solution for improving tree, shrub and ornamental development and vigor without excessive shoot growth.

  • Consistent, extended feeding
  • Improve stress tolerance
  • Improves vigor, especially in urban trees
  • Promotes both root and shoot growth

Sizes & Item Numbers:

2.5 Gallon Jug: 57513

30 Gallon Drum: 57514

275 Gallon Tote: 57516

ArborPlex Label