Improve Your Growing Strategies with Power IPM®

Get environmentally sound and effective solutions for growers. Our products are designed to maximize plant establishment, quality, and yield.

Organic Insect and Disease Control

Eco-1 40 is a highly concentrated organic broad spectrum control for use on insects, mites, and fungi.

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Eco-1 Garden Spray  can treat a variety of pests and can be used same day as harvest.

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AzaSol is a water soluble powder derived from Neem oil for systemic insect control.

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Soil Moisture Management

Hydretain reduces watering requirements and improves plant hydration, reduces moistures stress, delays wilt, increases nutrient uptake, and increases plant yield and quality. Available in both liquid and granular forms.

FOURPlay is a carbon-based combination product designed to maximize watering efficiency, reduce drought stress and wilt, feed soil microbes, and improve water penetration in hard-to-wet soils.

Root Enhancement

NutriRoot is a unique blend of carbon-based nutrients designed to encourage rooting, improve stress tolerance, improve plant establishment, and is made with Hydretain for water management.

SeaXtra is made with high-quality seaweed extracts to promote plant vitality, feed soil microbes, and  encourage rooting, and is compatible with growth regulators.


BloomPlex is made with high-quality phosphorus to increase bud production, improve root development and stress tolerance, and encourage plant establishment and growth.

Silica supplements silica deficiencies in soil to strengthen cell wall tissue and increase plants’ structural integrity.

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