In trials, PHOSPHO-jet decreased the incidence of Blossom Blight by more than 20 percent compared to untreated controls.



Emergence of Black Oak Gall Wasp

IPS Beetle Galleries in Treated Trees

Adult EAB Mortality

Treatment vs Removal

Cumulative PSHB Attacks on Sycamore After Two Years

Dead Spotted Lanternfly on Mat

IMA-jet was highly effective in causing mortality of feeding SLF, reducing the number of live SLF on the trunk, and reducing sooty mold production. We concluded that IMA-jet injection is an acceptable preventative treatment for management of SLF attacking ornamental trees in Pennsylvania. Download the Research Handout

TREE-äge® Protecting California Sycamores Against ISHB with Preventative Treatments

TREE-äge treatments showed significant control in the management of ISHB attacking ornamental trees in southern California. Download the White Paper, Download the Research Handout

New Root Growth on Ball and Burlap Pear Trees

NutriRoot treated ball and burlap pear trees showed significantly more new root growth than untreated check plantings.

ACE-jet Control of Winter Moth on Linden

TREE-äge and ACE-jet treatments were compared for effective control against Winter Moth. Results showed that ACE-jet provided effective control in the first season following application. Download

AzaSol™ Control of Rugose Spiraling Whitefly in Coconut

Mean sooty mold in the AzaSol™ treatments were lower and significantly different from the untreated checks.

New Branch Growth after Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatment

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Density

In trials, AzaSol showed excellent control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

Fruit Borer Incidence (%) Avg. Over 120 Days

Results of a field experiment showed that AzaSol sprayed at 1.75 tsp and 3.5 tsp/gallon were superior in reducing the shoot and fruit borer incidence and enhancing the fruit yield. Download

AzaSol™ Palm Skeletonizer: Washingtona ‘robusta – Gaylord Palms Resort

AzaSol™ Treatment for Spotted Wing Drosophila