IPS Beetle Galleries in Treated Trees

TREE-äge® Control of Bark Beetles in Western Conifers

Trunk injections of TREE-äge provided exceptional protection from Western Pine Bark Beetles in a 2010 study. This is the first demonstration of the successful application of a systemic insecticide for protecting individual conifers from mortality due to Western Pine Bark Beetle attack in the western United States. Download

TREE-äge® Protection Against Southern Pine Bark Beetles in Loblolly Pine

TREE-äge was effective in reducing tree death caused by Southern Pine Beetles compared with untreated trees. Evaluations of trees killed in 2006 indicated that TREE-äge effectively prevented bark beetle gallery construction. Download

Tree Survival Against Mountain Pine Beetle

This 2013 study shows that injections of TREE-äge applied in late summer or early fall will provide adequate levels of tree protection the following summer. Download