The Leading Broad Spectrum Insect Control

Shortstop 2SC plant growth regulator redirects plant energy and growth providing an easy to use and cost effective method of protecting trees from drought to construction damage.

Why AzaSol?

  • Broad-spectrum botanical insecticide
  • Patented process
  • Shelf-stable for over 2 years
  • Approved for use on food crops
  • No residue on plants
  • No significant odor or sticky mess
  • Won’t burn leaves
  • 0 days to re-entry
  • 0 days to harvest

We treat hundreds of pests across the globe!

AzaSol acts as an anti-feedant, anti-ovipositor, and disrupts the insect from completing its life cycle. It is an extremely effective product to incorporate into your insect control program. AzaSol is a great addition to your biocontrol program. Here are a few pests we control:

AzaSol for maximum pest control

From trees and shrubs, turf and gardens, vegetables and fruit trees and a variety of crops, AzaSol provides maximum pest control without harmful chemicals.

AzaSol can be applied by