Go with the Flo!

The AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD is the newest in the AccuFlo Line of products ensure accurate and repeatable dosing of liquids, either through timing of application or application equipment.

A versatile, portable, and intuitive system for all soil injection, drench, and foliar spray application needs providing more pressure, accurate dosing, while weighing less!





Precise & Repeatable Dosing

  • Measured hard stop allows for 10 ml adjustments up to 300 ml
  • The stop is locked into position with a slight turn to the left or right, making the dose accurate & repeatable
  • The actuation valve toggles left and right to fill and inject

Intuitive & Easy to Use

  • Toggle feature fills cylinder while moving to the next injection site
  • 11lbs device is easy to maneuver
  • Handle at base of shroud makes carrying easy
  • Patent Pending

Flexible & Low Carbon Footprint

  • 18-volt battery backpack is quiet & lightweight
  • Premium FlowZone backpack, latest model with 5 pressure adjustments
  • Detach backpack from soil injector device to use for drench and spray
  • Can be used for PGRs, Fertilizers, Pesticides & more

Automatic Recirculation & Twice the Pressure

  • Recirculating flow agitates solution while in use
  • Backpack and cylinder combination provides over 100 psi in the soil