Saving Ponderosa Pines

We are pleased to share another Arborjet product success story. This testimonial comes from Ron Osborn in California, who discusses his decision to save the Ponderosa Pines on his property. Investigation & Discovery “In the summer of 2014, our family spent thousands of dollars having a tree company take out dead pines on our property […]

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Customer Testimonial: A Pleasant Surprise!

Six months ago I noticed that the evergreen in my backyard was covered in small white powdery spots that I later identified as “scale”. I procrastinated with treatment until the pest progressed to where the tree’s appearance started to decline and I had little hope for its survival. I had to do something quickly. I […]

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Provider Endorsement: Michele Forry Landscapes, San Antonio, TX

Years ago, I considered removing trunk injection from my practice. Thankfully, I discovered Arborjet at one of our seminars and I have been using it exclusively ever since. I literally would not do trunk injection without your equipment. Michele Forry Michele Forry Landscaping Company

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