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The Oak Wilt Crisis in Michigan

Oak Wilt was first discovered in Texas where it currently infects over seventy-six counties and almost every city in the central part of the state. Individuals and municipalities have been battling oak wilt in the mid-west for years and now it occurs in twenty-one states. Oak Wilt is an up and coming problem in Michigan, so Arborjet’s Regional Technical Manager, Joe Aiken filled us in on the current situation.

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Get to Know ARBORChar™

Biochar is an interesting product, whose basic idea has been around for centuries. Lately, biochar has come into a new light and is increasing in popularity as people are becoming more aware of it. Kristin Nikodemski, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager, shared her thoughts on the exciting new ARBORChar™ product. Recycling Trees Kristin Nikodemski stated, “With […]

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Is Goldspotted Oak Borer Nearby? Treat Your Oaks!

The Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB) is a flat-headed borer that was originally found around the San Diego, California area. GSOB are currently known to attack three species of oak: coastal live, canyon live, and California black. Adult GSOB are usually 10mm in length and have bullet-shaped black bodies with gold spots on their sides. Oaks with […]

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