Meet Your Upper Midwest Plant Healthcare Expert

Jay Goughnour

Upper Midwest Technical Manager

Meet Jay Goughnour

Jay is our newest addition to the Arborjet team, starting in the winter of 2020. Growing up on a farm in central Iowa, Jay spent a majority of his time outdoors. In that time, he found a passion for turf in the golf industry, which eventually led to him working at SiteOne Landscape supply. Through his work experiences, Jay was able to broaden his expertise to tree care, irrigation, and landscape lighting.

As our Upper Midwest Regional Technical Manager, Jay’s responsibility is to expand sales, provide technical support and share plant health care solutions with customers. With over 20 years in the green industry, Jay has held positions such as golf course superintendent, green industry sales management, and even owned a golf course. In 2008, Jay purchased his hometown golf course and operated it for four years. After the floods of 2008, he represented the National Golf Course Owners Association on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to explain to lawmakers how golf’s exclusion from disaster-related tax relief was unfairly burdensome to golf course operators. Jay has also previously held the seat of President for the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association and is currently serving on the Iowa Turfgrass Institute board of directors representing the Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association. When not spending time his wife and children, you can find Jay anywhere outdoors enjoying hunting, fishing, golfing, and cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones.

Have you seen these pests near your home?

These pests have been causing destruction throughout the Upper Midwest. Arborjet offers environmentally responsible tree injection treatments that help to combat Oak Wilt, Japanese Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Chlorosis and More.

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Oak Wilt

The fungus is spread through root grafts between neighboring trees and by insects. Red Oaks are particularly susceptible to oak wilt. The infection causes leaf discoloration, defoliation and death in a very short period of time (from two months to one year).


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Japanese Beetle

The Japanese beetle is native to Japan, but arrived in New Jersey before 1916. It’s suspected that the beetle larvae entered our country in a shipment of iris bulbs several years earlier, and before inspection of commodities began.

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Japanese Beetle


This condition, if allowed to progress, will cause slow growth, leaf loss, and eventually tree death. Chlorosis is often caused by deficiencies of the micro-elements iron and manganese, and is particularly prevalent in oak.

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Mn-jet Fe 3

Emerald Ash Borer

This metallic wood boring beetle was found in Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada in 2002, and has continued to spread into neighboring states and eventually across the U.S. and Canada.

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