Understanding Thrips

Thrips are slender, tiny insects (generally 1 mm or less) that often have fringed wings. Nymphs lack wings, are elongate, and range in color from off-white or yellow to brown or black. Some common names for thrips include thunderbugs, storm flies, thunderblights, storm bugs, and corn lice. Most thrips feed by sucking out cell contents […]

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Colorado Approves Eco-PM® & Eco-Mite Plus® Safe for Cannabis Cultivation

  Since the legalization of medical marijuana and hemp cultivation, growers have struggled to find safe, quality products to protect against mites and fungus. The Colorado Department of Agriculture approved both Eco-PM® and Eco-Mite Plus® for commercial, personal, and hemp use, in concentrated and ready-to-use formulas. Both products are fast acting and non-toxic to people […]

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Arborjet Formulas Wipe Out Oak Worms

There are several caterpillars that feed on oaks including the California oak worm and the tussock moth. Both of these feed on oak leaves, primarily in the spring, but can be active as second generation insects in the early summer or early fall. Leaves will appear skeletonized in the early stages and then completely consumed […]

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