Go Behind the Scenes of Our R&D Lab and See How We Innovate!

R&D 3

At the Arborjet R&D lab, we’re always hard at work innovating new products for the future. Each of our products is tested for effectiveness against pests and for plant and applicator safety on-site to make sure they’re the best they can be. For example, we’re currently assessing the activity of AzaSol, plus two new actives, […]

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Saving Ponderosa Pines

We are pleased to share another Arborjet product success story. This testimonial comes from Ron Osborn in California, who discusses his decision to save the Ponderosa Pines on his property. Investigation & Discovery “In the summer of 2014, our family spent thousands of dollars having a tree company take out dead pines on our property […]

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Repopulating Sequoias Worldwide

Joe Aiken, Arborjet’s Great Lakes Regional Technical Manager is joining Bartlett Arborist Supply and the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to propagate sequoia trees before it’s too late. Redwood trees are the tallest livings things on Earth, growing up to 400 feet tall and among the oldest living trees on the planet. Coming Together Joe Aiken […]

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