The Supersonic Air Knife line uses high pressure air to dig trenches, loosen compacted soils and locate utilities.

With delivering air at nearly twice the speed of sound it allows to loosen even the most compacted soils without damaging tree roots, irrigation or power lines. Offering advanced Nozzle technology, patented designs, customizable and easy to use options, the Supersonic Air Knife provides the ultimate digging tool.

The Supersonic Air Knife tools are used by service providers worldwide for:





LT Standard - New for 2022

The LT Standard has been updated to be lighter and more maneuverable, with the same power and function.

  • Streamlined, lighter body
  • Longer, wider, more ergonomic handle
  • Larger, easier to adjust barrel handle

Various Barrel Lengths & Materials Available

  • Lighter weight barrels come with an aircraft aluminum barrel and stainless-steel nozzle and wear tip. Ideal for Arborists, Landscapers, and trenching for irrigation and light construction.
  • Heavy-duty barrels come with stainless-steel barrel and nozzle assembly. Ideal for utility and construction applications.
  • Short and Standard length barrels available

Liquid Injection

Air Knife with liquid injection capability using standard hose connection for injecting liquid into the work zone, reducing airborne dust and debris, and cleaning surfaces. We offer 2 models with liquid injection capability, high flow and lighter weight.

Supersonic Air Knife Vacuum

The Supersonic Air Knife Vacuum utilizes the same compressor and supersonic technology to remove soil and relocate soil back to the dig site. We offer two models, high flow & lightweight.

Supersonic Air Knife In Use

Supersonic Air Knife is ideal for installing or repairing irrigation lines or for sensitive arborist work including, vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration. They may also be used to safely uncover buried electrical, gas, communication, or water lines without the risk of damaging the target.