How much does trunk injection cost?

The cost for trunk injection will vary depending on tree diameter, number of trees, and market conditions. Check with an Arborjet service provider for this information. When you ask for Arborjet, you’ll get the quickest, most effective, and most environmentally friendly tree care service. The cost of tree injection treatments is much cheaper than the cost of tree removal and loss of valuable landscape trees. Request quote from a Service Provider.

Does trunk injection hurt my tree?

No. Arborjet tree injection does not hurt the tree. A few small holes are drilled around the tree, formulation is applied, and the Arborplug seals the formulation inside the tree. The tree’s bark will grow right over the Arborplug within 1-2 years.

Does systemic injection protect the entire tree?

Yes. Formulations injected into the trunk of the tree will distribute into the branches, stems, leaves, and even into the roots. Some insecticide formulations will protect trees for multiple years with one injection.

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How much does it cost to start up?

Arborjet tree injection equipment has a low startup cost, and you can learn how to use it with our training manuals, DVD, and online training videos.

How much money can I make?

Arborjet’s service providers have quickly grown their businesses by offering their customers our innovative solutions for tree pest control. Arborjet’s fast and effective results give service providers the ability to obtain high profits while providing customers with exceptional value.

How do I get listed on the website?

Easy! Just email us (ajinformation@arborjet.com) with your business name, full address, phone number, and where you purchase your Arborjet supplies. We’ll add you as soon as we can

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Do I need a license to apply pesticide?

You may need a license to apply some pesticides so check with you local and state regulations. Arborjet’s fertilizers can be applied without a license.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes. You can learn in 30 minutes. All Arborjet equipment comes with training manuals, DVD training videos, and we have online training videos as well. You can also visit one of our distributors for training.


Is Arborjet trunk injection being used on my campus?

It might be! Ask your staff in charge of landscape maintenance. Campuses appreciate Arborjet’s trunk injection products because they offer highly effective results with minimal environmental impact. Tree injection treatments don’t require large trucks and loud spray equipment so treatments can be done virtually anytime.

Can I borrow equipment for class demonstrations?

Yes. Arborjet offers an equipment loan program to colleges and universities with special interest in innovative tree care technology. Contact us about equipment loans.

Can I use Arborjet in a research study?

Yes. You can contact Arborjet’s Director of Research and Development to inquire about collaborative research projects on new pests and formulations.