Arborjet Announces New Mn-jet Fe™ Liquid Micronutrient Solution to Fight Interveinal Chlorosis

A couple weeks ago, we announced the launch of Mn-jet Fe™, our new liquid micronutrient solution for trees, palms, shrubs, and groundcovers. We recognized the need for an easily mixable liquid solution for interveinal chlorosis that was also fast, strong, and effective, and so far, the results have been tremendous.

You can find the official press release on our website. Read on for more on Mn-jet Fe, its backstory, and treatment images. They’re pretty incredible.


What is Interveinal Chlorosis?

Interveinal chlorosis in plants is result of micronutrient deficiencies, specifically iron and manganese. You can identify a tree that may be suffering from this issue if the foliage turns a pale green to yellow hue while the veins remain dark green. In severe cases, necrosis and twig dieback occurs. When left untreated, chlorotic trees decline over several years and become more susceptible to insects and disease.


This is a common condition throughout the U.S. that affects many species, including oak, sweetgum, birch, pine, maple, and azaleas. Chlorosis is especially prevalent in the west and midwest regions of the U.S. where soils tend to be alkaline.

Mn-jet Fe 3


How Does Mn-jet Fe Help?

Mn-jet Fe is made up of a balanced source of micronutrients that alleviate interveinal chlorosis. It’s powerful, using higher levels of micronutrients than comparable products. It includes 2% Water Soluble Iron (Fe), 2% Water Soluble Manganese (Mn), 1% Soluble Potash (K2O), 0.5% Water Soluble Zinc (Zn), 0.1% Water Soluble Copper (Cu), and 0.1% Boron (B). These numbers are essential, as you’ll see from our before and after treatment pictures.

The liquid solution may be applied as formulated or diluted with water. It mixes easily into solution and may be applied through both micro- and macro-infusion equipment, or as a foliar spray for shrubs and groundcovers, giving applicators a number of options to fit a number of situations.


Tests Show …

Test treatments have already shown Mn-jet Fe significantly reduces the impact of interveinal chlorosis in trees from just one treatment. To put into perspective, the solution may be used at a 1x rate in the summer or up to 3x rates in the fall – the higher fall rates will increase longevity of the product.

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 1

Applications can increase chlorophyll production for up to three growing seasons, improving tree vitality and enhancing leaves’ natural green color, and restoring aesthetic quality. With summer applications, rapid green-up can be seen in as little as two weeks, while the fall rate can provide up to three years of green-up.

Even though they are common, iron and manganese deficiencies are often overlooked, and they can cause major damage to trees. Mn-jet Fe fights these conditions with a boost of iron, manganese, and other critical nutrients for versatile, rapid treatment in the field.

For more information, please visit the product page. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Southwest Regional Technical Manager Emmett Muennink at See more treatment photos below!

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 2Mn-jet Fe Treatment 3

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 4

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 5

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 6

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 7

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 8

Mn-jet Fe Treatment 9Mn-jet Fe Treatment 10

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