Arborjet and Princeton Tree Care Treat U.S.A. Ash Tree Champion

Ash Champion

A few weeks ago, we set out to treat the white ash state champion of New Jersey. We were in for a nice surprise. It turns out the ash is actually the largest in the country.


Ash Champion 3


Our Mid-Atlantic Regional Technical Manager Trent Dicks partnered with Princeton Tree Care for the donation treatment event on July 20th in Madison, New Jersey. The homeowner was kind enough to let us bring a photographer and videographer on site to capture the action.


Ash Champion 4


The ash measures in at 21 feet and 3 inches circumference, 115 feet height, and 111 feet crown, according to the New Jersey Forest Service Big Tree Registry. Try this out for size. Our arborists could sit against its trunk comfortably with ample room on either side of them.


Ash Champion 5


The team treated the champion ash early in the morning to avoid the hot summer heat. Hot weather and dry soil conditions often cause a reduced uptake rate during treatment. They used Arborjet’s new FSeries TREE I.V. micro-infusion system for the injection process. In total, the treatment took about 25 minutes to complete. Just one morning is all it takes to protect your tree for up to two years.


Ash Champion 6


Check out these photos from the event, and watch this short video to see the treatment from a drone’s point of view. Extending a special thanks to Princeton Tree Care for their help during the event, to the homeowner for graciously allowing us to treat, and to our incredible team for a job well done!


Ash Champion 11

Ash Champion 7

Ash Champion 12

Ash Champion 8

Ash Champion 9

Ash Champion 10

Ash Champion 2