Arborjet Formulas Wipe Out Oak Worms


There are several caterpillars that feed on oaks including the California oak worm and the tussock moth. Both of these feed on oak leaves, primarily in the spring, but can be active as second generation insects in the early summer or early fall. Leaves will appear skeletonized in the early stages and then completely consumed as larvae mature.

Treat with TREE-äge® Insecticide

Trees that are in known areas of infestation can be treated preventatively in the early spring with TREE-äge using rates according to the diameter at breast height at least 4-6 weeks prior to activity. Use TREE-äge before buds break in early spring to provide two years of protection. One application is sufficient to control leaf chewing caterpillars.

Knock-down Oak Worms with ACE-jet

ACE-jet is also to be used in the early spring before outbreak is expected. ACE-jet is a quick knock-down broad spectrum insecticide that produces a beneficial health response in the tree as it metabolizes into phosphorous and sulfur. It is effective against caterpillars, scale, agelids, thrips, boring beetles and spider mites. Due to its fast acting formula, larvae in treated trees will immediately stop feeding and fall from the tree within hours.

The One-Two Punch for Current Infestations

Trees with current canopy infestations should be treated with ACE-jet for rapid response and then sequentially with TREE-äge for two years control.

Boost with NutriRoot™

Encourage water retention of trees in naturalized areas that may have low soil moisture by using a soil surfactant such as NutriRoot™. In combination with watering, NutriRoot™ will ensure deeper water penetration into the root system which results in better translocation of the systemic insecticide.

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