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NutriRoot™ has arrived!

Arborjet is pleased to announce the launch of NutriRoot, a 2-part formula made up of a nutrient pack and water manager in one that can be used at planting or as maintenance to mature trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and turf.

NutriRoot:Roots Untreated vs Treated with NutriRoot

  • Promotes root growth
  • Reduces watering
  • Improves transplant success
  • Protects transplants from drought stress and shock
  • Feeds roots all season long

In trials, plants treated with NutriRoot developed twice the amount of root mass!

NutriRoot is a unique blend of essential minerals, seaweed extract, humates, surfactants and humectants designed to increase root development and to reduce water stress in trees, shrubs and lawns.

Treatment Uses:
• Root Development
• Transplant Success
• Water Stress Management
• Nutrient Deficiencies
• Sandy Soils
• Dry Soil Conditions
• Summer Stress
• Winter Stress

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