Meet Your Southeast Plant Healthcare Expert

JB Toorish

Southeast Regional Technical Manager

Meet JB Toorish

JB started his career in the green industry in 1980 working for a landscaping company in the Cleveland, Ohio area. JB started as a lawn technician and eventually managed the lawn care and tree/ornamental care departments while developing Integrated Pest Management programs. In 1995, JB began working for the Davey Tree Expert Company as a sales and service technician. He graduated from The Davey Institute of Horticultural Sciences and The Davey Institute of Tree Sciences in 1997.

In July of 1997, JB started with LESCO/JDL as Manager of Technical Services. There, JB’s duties included daily agronomic and pest control support to internal and external customers. He held pesticide dealer/applicator licenses in over 30 states and routinely performed educational training presentations for CEU credits.

JB joined the Arborjet team in April of 2009. He is currently living in Orlando, Florida and providing sales and technical support for the southeast region of the United States.

JB has created and facilitated chemical applicator re-certification training presentations for many states throughout the US. JB has also written technical information for various industry text books, internal newsletters, websites and a monthly technical column for Lawn and Landscape Magazine.

Have you seen these pests near your home?

These pests have been causing destruction throughout the Southeastern US. Arborjet offers environmentally responsible tree injection treatments that help to combat Pine Bark Beetle, Palmetto Weevil, Whitefly, and more.

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Pine Bark Beetle

Adults tunnel through the bark, mate and lay eggs in the phloem (inner bark). The larvae develop in the phloem and cambial region; pupal development is completed in the outer bark. Adults develop from pupae and emerge by boring out through the bark. Multiple generations a year are possible.

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Palmetto Weevil

The Palmetto Weevil (Rhynchophorus cruentatus) is native to Florida and is the largest known weevil in North America. Adults can be up to 1 ¼” in length. Distressed palm trees are most vulnerable to this damaging insect which makes transplanted and environmentally stressed palms more susceptible to attack. Any stress factors such as drought, excessive moisture, cold damage, lightning strikes, fire and nutrient deficiencies can cause palms to be at risk.

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Rugose Spiraling Whitefly (RSW) produces “honeydew,” a sugary substance that can stick to your house, car, or patio and make a real sticky mess.

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