The Perfect Flower for Mother’s Day

Still figuring out a gift for your mom for Mother’s Day? Flowers are always a popular gift, but why not give mom something more than cut flowers this year? Cut flowers only last a few days, but container plants provide an option that will remind mom how much you care for months or even years to come. Each mom is unique and gorgeous in their own way, so when you go out of your way to pick out certain flowers to individually represent your mother, you will blow her away with the thought and effort you put in. This gift guide will help you to find the perfect plants for your mom!

Bunch of pink roses

Classy and Sassy

An all-time classic favorite flower to give is the rose. When picking out roses for Mother’s Day choose a pink variety. Red roses symbolize romance, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but not for this holiday. When it comes to pink roses, the shade of pink represents different things as well. Lighter pink roses symbolize gentleness and happiness. Roses that are more of a darker/hot pink shade mean recognition and appreciation (which mothers should receive every day)! Roses are always a great flower choice for those classy and sassy mothers out there.

mothers day flowers 2

Royal & Loyal

Tulips are not only a fantastic spring flower, but there are thousands of varieties to choose from. Tulips originated from Asia and were once the most expensive flower in the world! When it comes to picking the perfect color for Mother’s Day, choose a purple variety. Purple tulips represent royalty and loyalty. This flower is perfect for the amazing queens you call mom.

mothers day flowers 3

Expressions of Gratitude

Carnations are also a fabulous choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Carnations are also known as the “flower of the gods” or “heavenly flower.” This is probably because they are just so beautiful! When choosing colors for Mother’s Day, go with a pink variety. Pink carnations represent gratitude. On this holiday, help your mom around the house as much as you can, and YOU cook a fabulous meal for them. Then you can end the day with pink carnations as a final representation of your gratitude for her.

mothers day flowers 4

Low Maintenance Flower

Day lilies are fantastic for moms that do not have the greenest of thumbs or would appreciate something low maintenance. These flowers can survive drought stress and flooding. Day lily colors range from dainty pastels to more vibrant dark colors, so you have many options to choose from. Plus, the flower itself represents motherhood! How perfect!

mothers day flowers 5

No Flowers, Please!

If your mother is not a flower kind of gal, you can always go with a Swedish ivy plant. It is an indoor plant and is ideal for beginners. All it needs is a little attention for it to thrive. To keep this plant alive and well, keep the soil moist, but not soggy. To check the soil’s moisture, simply take a couple fingers and press around the top of the soil. This plant does grow vigorously and needs regular pruning. Then you can easily propagate the cuttings! This is a great alternative gift to flowers for your mom.

Plant Care

Now that you have your plants, remember they still need to be taken care of to optimize their blooms and health. Water management is a must for keeping up a great garden and plants!

Complete your gift to mom with a container of Hydretain or Bloomplex, which can be acquired online or at local stores. Both are easy to use and provide numerous benefits to mom’s new plants.

Hydretain comes in liquid or granular form, and it helps reduce how often plants need to be watered. This is especially useful for potted plants that may dry out more quickly (or for busy moms!)

Bloomplex has a special blend of phosphorous and other nutrients to encourage large flowers and fruits on flowering plants, shrubs, herbs, and trees.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing and hard-working moms out there. We hope your day is filled with nothing but love and family time.