Tools and Treatment Opportunities for Late Season PHC

Did you miss the webinar on October 13th with our Great Lakes RTM Joe Aiken? Want to learn about Tools and Treatments for Late Season? We’ve got you covered! With the busy spring season for PHC businesses and arborists combined with labor shortages, Arborjet recommends transferring certain treatments to the end of the season to spread tasks out. Doing treatments in fall also creates an additional opportunity for revenue generation and prepares landscapes for the winter season. You can replace deficit nutrients and get ready for spring growth while repairing damaged or stressed trees. Here’s a quick recap of what Joe discussed in the webinar:

It’s a great time to inject trees to protect them from pests like bark beetles and emerald ash borer, and diseases like chlorosis. While insects and their damaging larvae may be active in spring, you can protect trees now with the right formulations such as TREE-äge® R10.

Joe laid out the most important functions of both ® and the AccuFlo® Soil Injector ISD. The Supersonic Air Knife is the newest tool from Arborjet, specifically designed to help move compacted soil without harming roots. This lightweight and versatile tool helps diagnose any unseen below-ground problems, from roots to pipelines, without inflicting damage. Watch the webinar for a demonstration! The AccuFlo, also launched this year, delivers accurate, repeatable doses of product to trees and shrubs, every time.

Joe showcased a range of products to increase plant and soil health. Consider making use of the Arbor Rx® Program to enhance soil health and maximize tree growth. This liquid line may be mixed in to meet the specific needs of the soil condition, such as sandy soil or iron deficiency, which makes Arbor Rx a great building block for any treatment program!

There’s still time to act this season. Make sure you watch the full webinar to learn more about the many solutions available to you! And as always, you can contact your regional technical manager with questions. You can watch all our past webinars too.

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Joshua Bruckner

Content Creation Specialist