Arborjet to Treat Buffalo’s Oldest Sycamore Tree in September

This week, we hosted a joint press meeting with the mayor of Buffalo, New York, to announce our upcoming treatment of Buffalo’s oldest sycamore tree in September. Along with SiteOne, Draves Tree Service, and the City of Buffalo’s forestry department, we will be donating this treatment to protect the sycamore against anthracnose.


Buffalo Treatment 5


Anthracnose, a leaf and twig disease, is a fungus that winters on a tree’s twig tissue and causes considerable spring defoliation. It weakens the tree and renders it more susceptible to incoming pests and diseases. Sycamore is particularly vulnerable to anthracnose. Because Buffalo’s sycamore is well over 250 years old, treatment is necessary to reduce the impact of anthracnose, and to assure the tree remains healthy for generations to come.


Buffalo Treatment 4


The sycamore measures in at 77 inches DBH, and due to its gargantuan size, we’ll have numerous experts on hand for its treatment in September. At the press meeting this week, we saw some of these folks in attendance, including the Mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown; our Director of Urban Forestry, Rob Gorden; and representatives from SiteOne and Draves Tree Service.


Buffalo Treatment 3


At Arborjet, we feel an obligation to help preserve some of the nation’s most significant trees, and we are delighted to be able to donate our services to protect Buffalo’s largest sycamore. Come September, it will be an honor to treat alongside our partners and celebrate the magnificence of this giant sycamore with attendees.


Buffalo Treatment 2


Check out some pictures from the press event on this post. We had quite a turnout, and we’re looking forward to the treatment in September! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the event.


Buffalo Treatment 1