TCI Expo Wrap-Up From Baltimore, MD

Jeff Palmer, Arborjet’s Upper Midwest Regional Technical Manager made the trip to Baltimore for his first TCI Expo. We caught up with Jeff to find out what he thought of the show!

On the Overall Experience:

“All in all it was a good show. It was busiest on the first day but steady throughout.

I saw a lot of companies from the Midwest attend – in particular, Nebraska. I was surprised how many companies travel east for this show. They bring a lot of their employees and treat TCI Expo as an educational opportunity. We also saw a lot of students come by eager to know what Arborjet was all about.”

Arborjet’s Booth:

Being an expo focused on the Tree Care Industry, it’s no surprise that Arborjet’s tree care products were garnering lots of attention, but according to Jeff, the horticulture line’s crossover benefits were not to be left out: “The biggest horticulture products to arborists were AzaSol™ and ARBORChar™.”

In addition to being a valuable experience for both exhibitors and attendees, TCI wasn’t all business:  “We featured Shortstop and had a large barrel full of baseball stress balls with the Shortstop® logo on them. They were a hit, as they were seen flying throughout the show floor. We also had a drawing for a Cal Ripken Jr. autographed baseball… TCI Expo being in Baltimore, it got some attention.”

Equipment Giveaway:

Our friends at Timber Warriors held a fun contest at their booth involving Arborjet equipment! Over 300 people gathered to guess the type of tree just by looking at a photo of a silhouette. The winner was given a QUIK-jet®, and was thrilled to begin using Arborjet products right away!

Stay tuned for the drawing of the Cal Ripken Jr. autograph winner!

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