Saving Ponderosa Pines


We are pleased to share another Arborjet product success story. This testimonial comes from Ron Osborn in California, who discusses his decision to save the Ponderosa Pines on his property.

Investigation & Discovery

“In the summer of 2014, our family spent thousands of dollars having a tree company take out dead pines on our property in Bass Lake, California. Shortly after that, I was introduced to the subject of trunk injection by an entomologist friend of mine who suggested treating the Ponderosa Pines. We got in touch with the Tree DoctoRx out of Fresno, who referred us to the Arborjet product TREE-äge®. My investigation and discovery found that there was substantial evidence that TREE-äge does work, so we contracted with the Tree DoctoRx to treat and service the trees. I was naturally inquisitive about how this treatment kills the pine bark beetle. They kept me informed throughout the process and were very professional.


In the following year, I began noticing that the trees around our property began to die, but our trees appeared healthy. Today we continue to see a significant difference in the health of trees around our property versus those of our neighbors.  I can only believe that this must be because the treatment with TREE-äge really does work. About thirty days ago we contracted with the Tree DoctoRx again for treatment number two. The second treatment is to retreat the trees we treated several years ago as well as some additional trees that we have been lucky enough not to have lost as of yet.  All of this has been a proactive measure to preserve the trees that we have around our property and our cabin.

Proactive rather than Re-active

We understood that nothing is guaranteed, but our choice was either to spend the money on the treatment or eventually spending the money to have dead pine trees removed.  The emotional decision was easy and we chose as a family to spend the money proactively rather than re-actively. It was a substantial investment and we were hesitant at first, so we didn’t opt to treat all the trees. Instead we budgeted to treat the ones that were closer to the cabin and of significant age.

The Sadness of Losing Trees

Having a company come onto your property and extract the trees that are dead is sad and very final. There is nothing good about losing the natural scenery, the value and inherit joy of having many pine trees on your property. The pine bark beetle infestation is just plain devastating!

Vigilant Treatments Providing Beneficial Results

Our careful decision to have the treatments done has proven to be very beneficial and starting the treatment when we first started to see the trees die might well have saved the remaining trees on our property.  The loss of these 100 year-old trees has really begun to change the scenery and landscape. We were told that TREE-äge had an active lifespan of 2 years, and we have decided to be vigilant and aggressively battle the pine bark beetle. This time, Tree DoctoRx treated thirty-two of our trees varying in size from 8”-30” diameter.”

Protect YOUR trees!

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