TREE-äge® Protects Ash Trees from EAB at the Holocaust Memorial in Boston


“It was a beautiful day and we were very pleased to donate a few liters of TREE-äge® insecticide for the treatment of 20 ash trees at the Holocaust Memorial site in downtown Boston. These effective injections will protect them from Emerald Ash Borer,” said Leah Hancock, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager.
The New England Holocaust Memorial was dedicated on October 22, 1995 in a public ceremony on the steps of Boston City Hall Plaza. Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross helped to spearhead the memorial and wanted it to serve as a lesson to future generations.

Protecting the Memorial Now as Emerald Ash Borer Encroaches

Leah Hancock stated, “EAB started to make its presence known in the greater Boston area, after being found in North Andover and at the Arnold Arboretum. We found it to be very important to protect the trees which are part of the centerpiece of the memorial. The trees in combination with the etched glass is a really moving and quiet place to reflect in the midst of downtown Boston. It would be devastating to lose the trees there.”

Treatment at the Memorial

Certified arborists from local tree care company Hartney Greymont donated their time and labor to perform the injections. All of trees, which averaged between 14-28 inches in diameter, were treated within a two hour window, using the QUIK-jet Air® system.

Support and Coverage

“Arborjet and a representative from Combined Jewish Philanthropies were on hand to speak to the media about the treatment, the memorial and what the trees mean to the center of Boston. We had a little local media coverage which was great. We are very happy to support Combined Jewish Philanthropies and to be a part of preserving the Holocaust Memorial at Faneuil Hall.”

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