Permanent Firewood Quarantines Continue to Expand


Since Emerald Ash Borer was first discovered in Michigan in 2002, trees are being destroyed through the transportation of invasive insects & diseases in firewood. Many methods including quarantines have been implemented to slow the spread of EAB. Moving firewood and other ash wood materials in areas infested with emerald ash borer is now being regulated by the infested states and federal government.

The Arkansas Decision

Last month in Little Rock, Ark. at the monthly meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, commissioners permanently adopted a ban on the importation of firewood into the state’s wildlife management areas. The commission had previously approved an emergency ban on firewood, however the permanent firewood ban goes into effect immediately.

What are Quarantined items?

Generally speaking, it is illegal to move ash trees, ash logs, ash branches, ash wood chips, ash bark, and all hardwood firewood out of quarantined areas. Firewood is the only quarantined item that relates to all hardwood; all other quarantined items are relative to ash, only. Be sure to acquaint yourself with local rules and regulations when transporting wood from one jurisdiction to another.

How far is too far to move firewood?

Look for the closest convenient source of wood. A general rule of thumb is that 50 miles is too far, and 10 miles or less is best. In many states there are rules, regulations, and quarantines that clearly state boundaries.

Slow the Spread & Use Effective Treatment

One of the most important things we can do to protect trees is stop moving invasive pests and diseases to new areas on firewood. Once an area has been effected, TREE-äge® insecticide may be delivered into the tree’s vascular tissue to assure rapid distribution and consistent results. Trunk injection is widely considered to most effective method of keeping Emerald Ash Borer from attacking a tree, or killing EAB in an infested tree.

Is your state under quarantine? Do you have questions specific to your area? Click here for all the information you need.

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