Saving America’s Iconic Trees

We are proud to announce our first “Saving America’s Iconic Trees” tour.

We want to continue to help save our country’s trees and want to let you be a part of it.

Over the years, Arborjet has treated some of the most well known, oldest, and largest trees across America. Their existence is embedded in America’s history and brings significant value to the communities they grow in and to the environment.

Already in 2018 we treated a large Banyan tree at the Naples Zoo to help it recover from damage sustained during Hurricane Irma. Our next stop is the Pinchot Sycamore in Simsbury, Connecticut followed by treating some of the beautiful Sycamores in the waterfront park of Newburyport, Massachusetts on Arbor Day. Stay tuned for more treatments of iconic trees and nominate a tree that’s important to your community below.

Have a tree in your region that is beloved by you and your community? Nominate your own tree for our next tree treatment.


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