Meet Your West Coast Plant Healthcare Expert

Marianne Waindle

West Coast Regional Technical Manager - CA (Sacramento North), OR, WA, and AK

Meet Marianne Waindle

After joining Arborjet in 2014, Marianne has used her 35-plus years in the green industry to bring her many talents to the team. Marianne provides technical support to the Sales and Research & Development teams. She has a hand in new product development decisions, and assists Marketing with creating regional sales documents.

Marianne always possessed a love for the outdoors since a very young age, spending her time horseback riding on an urban farm, intrigued with growing fruits, nuts, veggies, and beautiful ornamentals. She later earned her Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in Ornamental Horticulture/Plant Pathology, followed by her Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management (IPM in Plant Pathology/Entomology/Agronomy). She later joined the Davey Tree Expert Company, where she became an ISA Certified Arborist and began a lifelong career in tree health. Marianne also holds certification as a California Pest Control Advisor and licensed Pesticide Applicator. In her spare time, Marianne enjoys old house maintenance, gardening, horseback riding, and cooking with friends.

Have you seen these pests near your home?

These pests have been causing destruction throughout the Northwest. Arborjet offers environmentally responsible tree injection treatments that help to combat Invasive Shot Hole Borer, Pine Bark Beetle, Chlorosis, and more.

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Invasive Shot Hole Borers

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) is an exotic ambrosia beetle that was first detected in 2003 in Southern California. It is currently found in L.A., Orange, San Bernardino, western Riverside, and San Diego Counties.

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Pine Bark Beetles

There are numerous species of Ips and Dendroctonus, bark beetles, that infest conifers throughout North America. Adults tunnel through the bark, mate and lay eggs in the phloem (inner bark).

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This condition, if allowed to progress, will cause slow growth, leaf loss, and eventually tree death. Chlorosis is often caused by deficiencies of the micro-elements iron and manganese, and is particularly prevalent in oak.

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