Botanical contact fungicide, derived from plant oils and extracts.

Thyme: 20.0%
Clove Oil: 1.0%
Other Ingredients: 79.0%
Total : 100.0%

Eco-PM 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Use – (040-8000)
Eco-PM 8 fl. oz. Concentrate – (040-8002)
Eco-PM 32 fl. oz. Concentrate – (040-8005)
Eco-PM 1 gallon Concentrate – (040-8020)

* 32 fl. oz. concentrate makes up to 26 gallons

Eco-Line Sales Sheet
Eco-PM Label


  • Product Details

      Eco-PM is a specialty blend of high quality, organically sourced, botanical oils and extracts providing higher concentrations and more effective control.

      • EPA Minimum Risk ingredients allowed for use on food crops
      • Formulated to be used frequently without burning
      • Same day harvest

      Effective Treatment for:
      Botrytis gray mold, Powdery Mildews, and Phytophthora, Late Blight on common garden and vegetable plants and vines, black spot on roses and Anthracnose, Rust, and Powdery Mildews on garden ornamentals.

Primary Pests: