Continuing to make the leading process of tree injection even more affordable in a year full of adversity, we’d like to help. This is only possible thanks to the continued loyalty of our service provider community in their support of our technology and innovative formulations.

As we celebrate 20 years and our 5,000 service providers...we want to say thanks!

Arborjet is offering a special promotion of its flagship product– the original TREE-äge®, which revolutionized the tree care industry. It was designed to protect trees from Emerald Ash Borer and many other invasive insects, using our method which limits environmental impacts. ACT NOW! This pricing can’t last forever.


Through decades of research, field studies, and practical applications on millions of trees, TREE-äge insecticide has been proven to be highly effective against listed pests Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Bark Beetles, Gypsy Moth and more.

Our cutting-edge treatment technology:

  • Injects and seals these patented formulations directly into a tree’s vascular system. Nothing is placed in the soil or into the air, while directly targeting the pest.
  • Allows a tree to be treated for 30+ years, should it be needed, before the total cost is equal to that of removing and replacing a tree. Most cities retreat every 2-3 years.
  • Has allowed major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Boulder, Madison and Rochester along with hundreds more, to save their trees with a cost of less than $50 per tree
  • Saves mature ash trees, which reduces energy costs, reduces stormwater runoff, and maintains property values for homeowners.
  • Protection of mature trees, assures that cities and suburbs remain livable places..
  • These long residual treatments work effectively, save trees and are supported by years of research, independent university studies, and on millions of your neighbor’s trees.
  • These products work with all Arborjet equipment

Proven Results

Independent university studies have shown TREE-äge to have very high levels of efficacy and offer extended residual activity for two years control against Emerald Ash Borer, with just a single application. In addition, it is also labeled for broad spectrum pest management, on a wide range of tree species and against a large number of injurious tree pests.

©2020 Arborjet, Inc. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and used by a state certified applicator or by persons under their direct supervision. TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc. In addition to the pests noted on the TREE-äge federally registered label, Arborjet supports a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for TREE-äge insecticide to control additional bud and leaf and shoot, stem, trunk and branch pests. Please see the section 2(ee) recommendation to confirm that the recommendation is applicable in your state.