Arborjet Announces New Fall Treatment Plan: Arbor Rx™


Woburn, MA. Sept., 16, 2020: Arborjet | Ecologel, leaders in plant health are pleased to announce a new fall treatment plan: Arbor Rx™, a highly effective, liquid line of tree fertilization and soil enhancement products, designed to improve tree and shrub vitality.

In urban and suburban environments, trees and shrubs often become stressed due to poor soil, insufficient moisture, lack of nutrient availability, and harsh growing conditions.

 Arbor Rx™ is designed to mitigate these issues by offering a prescriptive deep root fertilization and soil enhancement program to maximize tree and shrub health. Perfect for fall fertilization treatments, this program offers solutions which manage moisture to reduce winter desiccation, replace deficient nutrients, and help roots store nutrients for optimal spring growth.

“Arbor Rx reflects the first major combined plant care program for Arborjet | Ecologel as partner companies. Through our partnership, we’ve been able to adapt Ecologel’s high quality nutrition and soil enhancement products to address key tree and shrub issues. The program also provides an additional revenue opportunity for our valued customers,” said Arborjet President and CEO Russ Davis.

ArborPlex® forms the foundation of the Arbor Rx Program. ArborPlex® (14-4-5) is formulated with slow release nitrogen from urea-triazone, high quality phosphorus and potassium, as well as micronutrients. It is designed to provide consistent, extended feeding for trees and shrubs. It is an ideal solution for improving tree, shrub and ornamental development and vigor without excessive shoot growth.

In addition to ArborPlex, the Arbor Rx line also offers primary and secondary product solutions to improve plant vitality by increasing microbial activity, improving soil structure, stimulating root development, improving plant establishment, and reducing drought stress. The entire Arbor Rx line is composed of liquid products that do not require mechanical agitation. Additionally, the entire line is tank compatible for easy combination applications.


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Press Contact: Kelly Rostad