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Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis

Midwest Regional Technical Manager

Meet Our Golf Expert

In early 2018, Kevin joined the Arborjet team, accepting a position which supports both Arborjet and Ecologel products in the turf, ornamental, and golf markets; developing new business around the country; and providing technical knowledge to lawn care operation, landscape and all other sectors of the green industry.

Before joining Arborjet and Ecologel, Kevin worked as an Agronomic Technical Specialist with John Deere Landscapes, where he supported sales staff and end users in developing sound agronomic programs. Prior to this, he had over 20 years of experience in the golf industry as a superintendent for both private and public golf courses, managing all aspects of course maintenance, staff maintenance and pesticide applications. Kevin is licensed as a commercial applicator in Ohio for turf, general weed control and aquatics, and earned an Applied Sciences degree from Ohio State University in turf grass management.

Kevin is an avid golfer outside of work. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, and working with his dogs.

Solutions from Turf to Trees

Visitors are attracted to your golf course in large part because of its landscape. From fresh green turf to towering trees lining the fairway, we provide solutions to protect your entire course from drought, invasive pests, diseases, and more. Our environmentally sound application methods will ensure your course is up to par, while allowing you to treat during operating hours. This means no lost rounds or revenue for you!

For product and treatment information, contact Kevin directly at (216) 337-4248 or fill out the form above.


Fertilizers and Water Management

Drought stress and insufficient water retention can be major problems for a golf course. Dry spots are unsightly and drought stress increases your trees’ susceptibility to invasive insects and disease. Manage your soil moisture with Hydretain and increase root density with CytoGro. If you need micro and macronutrient solutions we have a robust catalog in our BioPro line.

Keep your assets green with our environmentally friendly Summer Stress Program. Save money, water, time, and labor!

Golf Course Heat

Green Speed Improvement

Our customized Green Speed Program is designed to increase speed while maintaining superior turf quality and color. Reduce irrigation for better dry down, while strengthening your turf’s leaf blade rigidity to increase your green speed at higher mowing heights.

View our Green Speed Program to find out which solution is right for your course!

Golf Course Green

Trunk Injection

What’s a golf course without trees? As the leader in trunk injection technology, Arborjet protects your course’s trees with minimal environmental impact. Applications are fast, effective, and sealed inside the tree, so you can treat against the world’s most invasive insects and diseases while players are on the course!

Learn more about how trunk injection can protect your course!

Racine Trunk Injection