Meet Your Hawaiian Islands Plant Healthcare Expert

Carin Prechtl

Hawaiian Islands Sales Manager Golf, Sport Turf, and Nursery Markets

Meet Carin Prechtl

Carin began working at Arborjet in the Spring of 2019, bringing with her field experience with landscape installation and maintenance practices. Her previous roles include Nursery Manager and Landscape Designer. Carin became passionate about the industry when she realized that with her background in Landscape Architecture, she could combine her love for creativity and beauty with a technical and functional side. Not only can Carin make an outdoor space look beautiful, but she can give it a purpose and reason to be utilized. As a Regional Sales manager for the Hawaiian Islands, Carin is responsible for supporting sales staff and end users of Arborjet and Ecologel products, with primary focus of Sports Turf, Golf, Commercial Turf, and Nursery applications.

Outside of the office, you can catch Carin exploring all that Hawaii has to offer; from hiking to enjoying the beautiful beaches. When she’s back on her home turf of Delaware, Carin spends her time catching up with friends, family and her dog.

Have you seen these pests near your home?

These pests have been causing destruction throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Arborjet offers environmentally responsible tree injection treatments that help to combat Emerald Ash Borer, Chlorosis, Spotted Lanternfly, and More.

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Aphids are soft, pear-shaped insects that have long legs and antennae with tube-like structures called “cornicles” that protrude out of the hind end of the body. Aphids can also produce large quantities of a sticky substance called honeydew, which turns black from opportunistic growth of a sooty mold fungus. Some aphid species inject a toxin into plants, which causes leaves to distort and inhibit their growth.

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Thrips are slender, tiny insects that often have fringed wings and are generally 1 mm or less in size. They can have several generations (egg to adult) per year so these pest outbreaks can be very damaging.

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This condition, if allowed to progress, will cause slow growth, leaf loss, and eventually tree death. Chlorosis is often caused by deficiencies of the micro-elements iron and manganese, and is particularly prevalent in oak.

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