Product Spotlight: Hydretain

One of the biggest of goals of landscape management is managing watering needs through challenging conditions such as heat waves, droughts, dry spots, and daily wilt cycles. Regular watering schedules might be insufficient in certain conditions, or not possible if local watering restrictions are in place. This is where you can turn to Hydretain for assistance.

What Is Hydretain Exactly?

Hydretain does what the name suggests: it helps retain water. Hydretain is a hygroscopic humectant, which works to condense water vapor back into plant-usable liquid water. This means that Hydretain converts evaporating water in the soil back to a form that roots can use. Using Hydretain can cut your water use in half.

While wetting agents serve a similar purpose and can be an important part of plant health care, they are distinct from Hydretain. A wetting agent works by improving penetration and dispensing of liquid water through the soil without reducing water loss from evaporation. Hydretain ensures that less of the water you put down will be wasted, which ultimately saves you water, time, and money.

What Does Hydretain Do?

As one of our flagship products and most recognizable labels, Hydretain is well-known throughout the industry, and its water-saving effects are often the first benefit that comes to mind. However, Hydretain’s uses extend beyond saving water.

With more reliable access to water, plants will have more stable growth and get more consistent and effective nutrient uptake, leading to healthier plants. You’ll also get benefits at the beginning of the plant’s life cycle. University studies have shown that Hydretain helps improve germination rates, so putting Hydretain down with new seed applications, or using seeds coated with Hydretain, will result in a stronger start for your plants. This applies to grass seed and to crops!

Hydretain can be applied at any time of year, and with different received benefits each season. In spring, it will help with plant growth and protect against summer stress, reducing the need for some recovery tactics. In summer, it will help retain more ground moisture during times of intense heat or drought, reducing how often you need to water (this is especially useful if you have to contend with watering restrictions). In fall, it will help with summer recovery and prepare roots and soil for the coming winter months.

Who Can Use Hydretain?

Though initially sold with golf course superintendents in mind, Hydretain can be used by anyone. It’s very simple to use, and can be applied to any landscape situation or plant: lawns, sports turf, gardens, flowers, trees, and shrubs. It can easily be used by homeowners and small business owners, and has been used by a range of professionals from sports field managers to grape growers in the wine industry!

Hydretain can easily be used by homeowners with a hose-end sprayer attachment
Hydretain can easily be used by homeowners with a hose-end sprayer attachment

Hydretain comes in several different varieties, so which one is right for you? That depends on whether a liquid or granular application is better suited for your current job. Liquid Hydretain can be tank-mixed with other formulations, while granulars can be used in spreaders and may be easier to store and apply.

Some Hydretain formulations have additional ingredients for enhanced performance and soil penetration. See all the options here.

Hydretain has several useful applications besides water saving, and can be used by a wide range of industries and applicators. Consider applying it for your next plant installation, upkeep, or maintenance project.