Products to Control Piercing and Sucking Insects

Piercing and sucking insects can wreak havoc on any garden or landscape. Insects such as aphids, stink bugs, and spotted lanternfly can damage plants, stunt growth, ruin fruit and crops, and encourage growth of mold and fungus through their waste. While some piercing and sucking insects are more of a nuisance rather than a dire threat to plant health, they can still leave a huge mess behind and make your plants look much worse!

At Arborjet | Ecologel, we have several solutions to deal with infestations – and prevent them. Here’s a look at some of our best products:



Your first line of defense should be the versatile and powerful AzaSol. It is a natural and organic product derived from the Neem tree. AzaSol can be applied as a spray, soil drench, or even as an injection for trees and shrubs. Regardless of your application method, AzaSol will get absorbed systemically, distributing the product through the stems and leaves to protect the entire plant.

Insects that feed from the treated plant will ingest the product, which disrupts their metabolism and life cycle, leading to death. Spraying leaves, stems, or fruit AzaSol will provide the same results, and it does not burn leaves or block photosynthesis. As an OMRI-listed product, it is certified for organic use and suitable for same day harvest when used on fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


When an infestation of insects such as aphids, mites, or thrips are present, turn to our Eco-1 product line for a quick knockdown. It is derived from natural botanical oils including thyme and peppermint. It also smells great!

Eco-1 works by smothering and suffocating insect pests and their eggs already on plants. Since it is OMRI-listed for organic use, it can be safely applied on food crops for same-day harvest, even around kids and pets.

Eco-1 and AzaSol are a great combination to use together, providing effective and organic control of a wide range of insect pests.



If you need to react quickly to an infestation of insects trees, turn to ACE-jet. It is an injectable formulation designed as a broad spectrum fast knockdown of pests, including scale insects, aphids, spider mites, and spotted lanternfly. It does not provide long-lasting protection, so use it to get rid of problem insects right away and follow up with longer-term systemic protection from a product like IMA-jet.

Injecting IMA-jet
An treatment of IMA-jet being injected with the QUIK-jet AIR


IMA-jet provides systemic protection against piercing and sucking insects in deciduous and coniferous trees, including hemlock woolly adelgid. You can inject trees with either a 5% or 10% concentration product, providing flexibility in application.

It is registered for use in Canada against hemlock woolly adelgid, making it perfect for dealing with piercing and sucking insects up north.

Piercing and sucking insect pests can be a persistent issue in a range of landscapes, but easy-to-use solutions exist and are ready for you. Reach out to us to find out what product best fits your situation!