Interview with R&D about NutriRoot Granular

As part of our rollout of the new NutriRoot Granular formulation, we wanted to speak with the team at Arborjet | Ecologel’s Research & Development department who worked so hard on hard on developing the product. In this interview, we check in with Evan Sorger, Research Associate and Lab Technician, about his background and what developing this new product was like.

What brought you here to the R&D department at Arborjet | Ecologel?

My love of exploring the environment and developing innovative products that are sustainably sound.

What is your background?

I graduated from UNH with a bachelors in Environmental Science and have previously worked as an Environmental Specialist out of both Boston and Los Angeles.

What kinds of projects does R&D work on?

R&D is working on a wide breadth of projects including formulating new broad spectrum injectable formulations (both pesticide and fungicide), injectable microbial bio-pesticides, and establishing a granular platform to begin introducing more products with unique nutrient and soil amendment properties. We have multiple granular projects in the pipeline that we are very excited about.

Evan evaluates NutriRoot Granular in the lab
Evan evaluates NutriRoot Granular in the lab

What is the benefit of a granular version of a pre-existing liquid product like NutriRoot?

Our in-vivo studies have shown that when applied to apple and black cherry trees NutriRoot Granular provides a significant benefit to shoot growth when compared to competitor products; this growth was observed as much as 2 inches or more in some instances. Ease of use is a large factor as well. NutriRoot Granular will require no tank mixing for application as it is a granule, which also eliminates the need for spray equipment allowing the customer to simply spread the product by hand.

What are your expectations for NutriRoot Granular to the customer?

We expect NutriRoot Granular will allow a wider range of applicators to greatly increase efficiency of application without sacrificing results. The choice between the liquid or granule option allows customers the choice in which application fits their needs better.

NutriRoot Granular went through several iterations before it was complete

What were the motives for developing NutriRoot Granular?

Through combining nutrients, seaweed extract, and humic acid, NutriRoot Granular supports microbial life while supplying key organic matter and valuable nutrition to the root zone, encouraging robust root development and plant establishment. It can greatly enhance success in new plantings and transplants. NutriRoot Granular can be utilized everywhere from enhancing the growth of house plants to mitigating soil impacts against construction damage. When used in tandem with the Supersonic Air Knife, NutriRoot Granular is an effective backfilling product to ensure the excavated area is provided with the nutrients and microbial activity it needs.

What impact do you think NutriRoot Granular will have on the industry?

We believe that NutriRoot Granular offers an excellent well-rounded soil amendment with multiple benefits and application scenarios for both professionals and retail consumers alike. As we grow and expand our granular portfolio, we open up the opportunity to make custom blends based on user needs, which will lead to a more encompassing line of products for our customers.

NutriRoot Granular is a 3-3-3 granular soil amendment that enhances root growth while providing essential nutrients and water-saving effects. For more information, visit our website or reach out to us at