2019 Early Order Program

You Can Order For the 2019 Season and Save!

Take advantage of our Early Order Program from October 1, 2018 – January 15, 2019

Special Savings available on products and equipment – Flexible payment plans available!

Eligible Arborjet Products: all kits, formulations, and Arborplugs

TREE-äge® Arbor-OTC® ArborChar® All Purpose Grow QUIK-jet® AccuFlo
TREE-äge® G4 PHOSPHO-jet ArborChar® Summer Stress TREE I.V. AccuFlo Drench Kit
IMA-jet® AzaSol® ArborChar® Root, Flower & Fruit TREE I.V. PRO  
IMA-jet 10 Mn-jet Fe Shortstop® 2SC QUIK-jet Air®  
ACE-jet PALM-jet Mg NutriRoot® Arborplugs®  
Propizol® Eco-1® Garden Spray FSeries® TREE I.V. F12 PRO FSeries® TREE I.V. F12  

Products must be sold in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws. Subject to availability from distributor.

Terms and Conditions

  • Program offered between October 1, 2018 – January 15, 2019.
  • Each order from the service provider (end customer) must be in excess of $1000.
  • Discount and terms are only allowed on eligible Arborjet products listed above.
  • Standard discounts still apply (Example: pricing for case quantities, municipal, national).
  • Payment terms are subject to credit approval from the distributor.

Early Order Program Support

Reach out to your favorite distributor for more information on what they are offering for an Early Order Program.

Or, contact your Regional Technical Manager for support.