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Value of Trees

You know that trees are valuable, but just how valuable is a single tree?

  • In your yard
  • On your street
  • At your local park
  • Where you shop

One single tree can provide a value of $50-$200 each year. Use the National Tree Benefit Calculator

Here's an example:

Here is an example of a 15 inch diameter ash tree in the Midwest.

This 15 inch Ash Tree provides overall benefits of: $144 every year.

Treat Ash Trees - Protect an Ash Tree with Injection Treatment


Treatment of this ash tree with trunk injection can preserve these benefits and protect against future pests.

Trees are Good for Business

One study found consumers were willing to spend 12% more in large cities for goods and services in business districts having trees. Research on City Trees and Retail image


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Current Pest Warnings

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