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Arborjet’s products are ranked #1 in university studies and have gained respect from arborists and landscaper professionals worldwide. With the increase of exotic invasive pests threatening our natural and urban forests, tree injection is a growing market. Homeowners are demanding environmentally friendly alternatives like trunk injection, to protect and preserve their trees. Arborjet provides an opportunity for you to increase the value you provide to your customers and grow your profits.

Why Switch to Arborjet?

Tree injection services are highly profitable. With the outbreaks of Emerald Ash Borer and other pests across the country there has never been a higher demand for safe tree treatments. When you switch to Arborjet you get research proven products with world class support, an unbeatable combo.

New to tree care? Enter a new market for tree care with low start up costs. There’s no need to invest in spray rigs and soil injection equipment, so more money goes into your pocket right away. Your customers already trust you with their lawn and landscaping needs, why not add trees to your services?

Upon receiving Arborjet products, you’ll be fully supported by Arborjet’s training materials, our distributors, and our customer service representatives. Money really DOES grow on trees!

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