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We're in the process of launching a pilot training program for our valued Service Providers. In the future, we will mark Service Providers as either "Arborjet Trained" or "Arborjet Certified."

What is Arborjet Trained?

When a Service Provider is listed as Arborjet Trained, this means the company has someone employed who has been through an Arborjet training session. The training session can be a lunch & learn session at a distributor, a seminar through a city, or a webinar online. After passing a test of product knowledge, the company can then be listed as Arborjet Trained.

What is Arborjet Certified?

Once you have become Arborjet Trained, you are then eligible for the next level of our training program, Arborjet Certified. This means a company employee has demonstrated hands-on proficiency with Arborjet equipment and formulations. This level requires an in-person visit from a Regional Technical Manager to ensure maximum accuracy. After passing this section of the training program, the company may then be listed as Arborjet Certified.

When is the next training session?

The webinar series will be starting in April 2013, hosted by Arborjet's Technical Services Manager, Sean Facey. This is the first opportunity Service Providers have to enter into the Arborjet Training Track. Stay tuned for more details!


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