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Arborjet offers a wide array of consulting services, most of which are FREE for our customers.

Distributors - We consult daily with our distributors by assisting in pest and solution diagnosis, marketing strategies and execution, and offering no-charge training sessions to their customers

Arborist - Our full service web, phone, e-mail, and live chat support has been invaluable to our Arborist community. Our online quoting process allows arborists one place to design and quote a solution. Our attentive customer service staff is also available to assist with troubleshooting pest problems and helping our Arborist community with expanding their business. All of this is no charge to the Arborist. Arborjet also offers a variety of printed marketing tools to help ramp up your program. Brochures, door hangers and other tools are only a phone call away. Sales Tools

Landscapers - Our full service Web, Phone and e-mail support have been invaluable to our Landscaper community. Whether trying to identify a pest or find a solution to a known problem, you can quickly search our extensive on-line library. If you're still stuck, give us a call or send in a specimen to be analyzed. In either case, Arborjet is committed to ensuring our customers are able to provide the best service possible. Our online quoting process also allows Landscapers one place to design and quote a customer solution. This tool will help the landscaper feel comfortable that nothing was missed, while ensuring exceptional profitability and customer satisfaction are achieved. Arborjet also offers a variety of printed marketing tools to help ramp up your program. Brochures, door hangers and other tools are only a phone call away. Sales Tools

Universities - Arborjet is proud of its relationships with this country's leading research universities. We believe strongly in letting the research drive our product development. We encourage universities to approach us at any time to discuss pests, treatment, testing, grant opportunities and any level of research they may be interested in pursuing. Much of the latest research you see concerning Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Emerald Ash Borer, and Pine Bark Beetles was completed thanks to strong working relationships with the major research universities and the US Forest Service. We work together to find better solutions. Contact us with any questions.

Municipalities - Arborjet offers free consultation to municipalities in a number of ways. We can assist with diagnosis and treatment protocol, but will also help with cost estimating and bid documentation if needed. We train staff regularly and will often work with teams in the field doing "ride alongs" to ensure things are going well. These services are almost always available at no cost to the municipality. We actually trained 120 city employees in one city, at no cost to the city. Municipalities

Resorts & Golf Courses - Arborjet systems are designed with resorts in mind. You can often treat your golf course, theme park or hotel landscape without drawing the alarm of your guests. Arborjet can assist you in product selection or help you find an applicator in your area. We can work with your team to assist in developing a Plant Health Care program for all your trees. Resorts & Golf Courses

Homeowners - Our Service Providers are well-qualified to educate the homeowner and diagnose and solve a variety of pest problems in the landscape. Whether you're a "do it yourself-er" or you just want to be educated on the work performed, Arborjet's extensive pest database and support staff is available to answer all your questions. Homeowners

Orchards & Growers - Let Arborjet work with you to develop a treatment protocol for your orchard. Eliminate the risk and repetitive costs of spraying by introducing a more targeted approach to pest control. Many of our products provide season-long and multi-year protection allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Learn how to improve the effectiveness of you pest control applications while lowering your costs and risks. Orchards & Growers


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