Fight Fire Blight

Fire Blight is the most damaging bacterial disease that affects shrubs and trees in the Rosaceous family and occurs during warm spring weather when combined with rains or heavy dews. This disease is most often found in pear, apple, loquat and crabapple trees and has become a nuisance to homeowners and commercial landscape managers. Flower […]

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Outstanding Disease Control Available Nationwide with Arbor-OTC™

Arborjet is currently enjoying the successful national launch of Arbor-OTC. Arbor-OTC is a systemic water soluble injectable antibiotic for the control of bacterial diseases in non-food bearing trees and palms. Versatile & Effective Arbor-OTC suppresses serious bacterial diseases such as Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Fire Blight, Lethal Yellows, and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, Palm Yellows, Ash […]

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